イオン渋滞対策で交通量調査へ  「大型商業施設・イオンモール岡山」

イオン渋滞対策で交通量調査へ  「大型商業施設・イオンモール岡山」

To traffic analysis with ion-congestion measures

The 26th, in order to understand the changes in the flow of people and vehicles in the practice before and after the large-scale commercial facilities and Aeon Mall Okayama construction progresses at JR Okayama Station south, Okayama and the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport Okayama National Highway Office in 43 locations around I revealed plans to jointly implement the traffic volume at the intersection investigation also extends. There is a serious concern of traffic congestion to occur after opening, to advance the measures based on the data. To the traffic extensive research in the central city that for the first time.
On this day, making the same office, city, Okayama Prefecture, police, etc. "county road traffic congestion measures Group" was held in Okayama city, traffic flow changes in a wide range "after opening the office of the Secretariat Description possibility is "some, I showed the idea of ​​embarking on research.
Aeon Mall Okayama scheduled to open in November. Momotaro avenue, street prefectural government, research for the first time in the intersection, such as JR Okayama Station West neighborhood, I do two days of Tuesday of July 1st and Sunday the 29th of this month. I examine 7:00 to 20:00 in the target car, bicycles and pedestrians.
Intends to and after the turn of the year the second time, is carried out by extracting the location points to weekday holidays and time congestion of opening immediately after the calm, congestion occurs chronically among the 43 locations.
Congestion measures associated with opening is planned review of traffic control, placement of staff induction, ensure temporary parking lot, and the promotion of park-and-ride. Share the same Subcommittee results of this survey, it is the basis of the data as it pursues a new measures. Okayama has said "I want to utilize it to measures to enhance the migration of the central city area."
Aeon Mall Okayama expected to attract 20 million people more than a year, parking policy is in addition to about 2,500 to be attached to a shop, to ensure about 2500 on a temporary basis. Police have "fear of serious traffic congestion there, including the peripheral portion after opening" he said.

The peach bicycle parked ion, to Tenmaya

The 24th, Circulation place rental bike was going to be established in 2014 during the "Peach bicycle" for (port), Aeon Mall Okayama (Kita Shimoishii) of scheduled to open in November, Okayama Tenmaya Okayama shop before I showed as a candidate eight locations (such as the table-cho). Of the 17 port locations of existing, to increase the parked machine three places such as city hall, corresponding to the height of the use needs.
I revealed in the City Council Committee on Construction. I chose a place you do not hear port around, or expected to be available in many places in the eight new. Has been conducting consultations with land management have each, at the time of opening, the mall aims to open in October after seven locations other. Terminal to the procedure and the use installed one at a time, bicycle parking machine providing the 8-34 group in each point.
In addition to the city hall, Okayama prefectural library before hospital (up Marunouchi) existing port to increase the bicycle parking machine (same Shikata-cho). By the end of July, you are adding on was transferred to the north than the current position is the same hospital. Expected to increase in October after two places other.
With the expansion of bicycle parking machine and port, to a total of 230 units, 90 units increase bicycle.
Aims to shift from transportation system that is overly dependent on the automobile, peach bicycle introduced in July last year. The average daily number of loans per the end of May this year from the same September the basic charge was required in 2.38 times, I have exceeded once the city had been the original target.
Private operators that connects the agreement with the city has managed, but the city will be paid about 54 million yen budget for construction of facilities for the new port, such as the purchase of a bicycle.
City bike developed city Office that "further enhance the convenience, such as new port, you want to connect to the improvement of migratory Machinaka" he said.


岡山のイオンモールとの比較に・・・ 岡山は「都市型モール」?


I saw a large ion plan in Matsumoto, triangular relationship "ion", "mall" and "suburban store"

Commercial facility at the core tenant ion Higashimatsumoto store large-scale commercial facility in Matsumoto City, Nagano Prefecture center "Matsumoto Katakura Mall". Ions are shown in the city plans to redevelop the whole area, to open in the fall of 2016 the facility of scale of about three times the current. Floor area after development is about 41,000 square meters, it is the largest of more than Sakudaira In the ion mall in the prefecture.

New mall worsen the congestion! ?

The specific contents of the plan, revealed by city council economic environment committee council which was held on June 13, 2014.

On the other hand is way more narrow Aina castle town of Matsumoto specific, congestion is chronic the city. City side's concerned, it's that they do not damage the shopping district of the city center which is adjacent to the worsening of congestion.

The city is planning to the mall the whole central city landmark a national treasure Matsumoto Castle. It's idea that'll have excursion by bicycle or on foot (as much as possible) rather than the private car. You are or your business that you can not restore the outer moat by evicted the land, which was built to mark the outer moat Therefore, to reproduce the city of Edo.

Redevelopment planned site is adjacent buildings built building are arranged in "Naka district". Because they had expressed construction apart from the "tourist-type mall" and mall traditional, Chamber of Commerce and officials city had an interest in the specific details, but the ions is the official size of the store it was more than I had imagined.

Foot traffic to move to the suburbs / roadside ...

But threats to local shops, not only ion of the same center. Because, already, and commercial center but because they moved to the suburbs / load site. Suburbs / roadside whereas was about 156.3 billion yen, annual retail sales of 2007 was only 70 billion yen to center.

Inoue department stores including the head office of local, Matsumoto PARCO, and Ario Matsumoto set up the shop front of the station. However, it is not said to store family to enjoy a day with the exception of Ario Matsumoto, and intense congestion also parking in the center is missing.

With free parking, chain stores suburbs is marketing its low price as a result of low-cost operations to further this. This is why shoppers tend to go all the way to the suburbs. Companies increased has been successfully operational efficiency without exception. It is a major challenge that local shops face.

Might be to go with the customer to huge mall, but flow to the suburbs does not stop in this state - ion, local shops, suburban stores, dilemma of love triangle exactly.

It is quite crowded even on weekdays daytime Katakura Mall of current is also holding the local trade area. There is no doubt that it is an integral part of the compact city concept of the city. New mall that can be can be a facility that lead to local activation depending on the combination. For example, tourists coming from the outside to park your car, enjoy the rooftops of warehouse building while walking to the center from there - it is not impossible to think that the model also.

In the process of sliding match the construction plan of ion and Vision for the city, it is possible that solution, including road infrastructure is found, continue to develop into a more desirable town for local residents. Matsumoto has maintained the bustle of the national top-class in the city of 200,000 class. Whole country is watching the future of urban planning.