夏の甲子園 さらなる高みへ飛躍誓う関西 岡山

夏の甲子園 さらなる高みへ飛躍誓う関西 岡山
Kansai Okayama swear leap to heights further Natsunokoushien

Kansai is to participate as a representative Okayama kicks off the 9th Hanshin Koshien Stadium in (Nishinomiya, Hyogo Prefecture) in the "96th National High School Baseball Championship". Natsunokoushien 9 th first time in three years. It plays a little over 4 into the first last time, motivation of players as high as "to further heights."

"Summer of Revenge". Okayama tournament, Kansai Nine challenged in that Isshin. I was defeated reversed Tamano Konan in the finals last summer. Current team that was started in the chest chagrin is thrashed 0-8 in Okayamaridaifu in second race Autumn Prefecture tournament. "Ability difference? Other schools or are you committed to us more than me this," said Aizawa 崚介 captain and colleagues that was keenly aware.

To be "re-trained from scratch", Jiangpu ShigeruYasushi supervision imposed Hashirikomi of about 10 km over almost every day from autumn to winter. Practice of "powerhouse schools par athletics like" or run Dash In addition, players were allowed to improve the physical fitness. Team comeback to win the prefectural tournament this spring. There is also the first complete game of Sawang Masayuki Tanaka pitcher who was late, to the prospect of summer stood.

Quarter-finals continued to march forward of cold win in Okayama tournament of the summer, to the final against nemesis-Michihiro with. "Suffering of the point difference or more" It was (Jiangpu Director) but revenge 9-4. I decided Koshien bound of 21 th spring and summer career to update the prefecture most.

The growth of the team, Aizawa Jiangpu director - in addition to measures of cockscomb Tanaka, "grows Unno (Takashi catcher) is large," he said. No. 3 Doi Shinji right fielder who hit a home run in the finals, No. 4 the axis is Ogo Yuya second baseman of the sense preeminent batters. I also work in the prefectural tournament in the ideal director of "cannon to No. 3, No. 4 strength game" is.

Six current members during the bench in the selection of last spring. Was defeated by 1-5 ​​and crushed the opportunity of again and again against Kochi opener. Morale is high, "you've been vegetarian be back always to that stage. The school song this time around," said members became the third grade. Compared to the semifinals members of the summer of three years ago, Jiangpu director Hyosu "It seems a little small, but unity is good, and may exceed the collective strength," he said. Boarded in the Holy Land in the natural posture, with the aim of revenge.

The 4th, is a school of Okayama city north district, send-off expression of Kansai baseball team has to think of the new to Japan Nine before the current students from. The local into five days, facing the Koshien practice.
夏の甲子園 さらなる高みへ飛躍誓う関西 岡山








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