<岡山市>今秋イオンモール開業前、社会実験断念 県警が交通渋滞懸念 /岡山

<岡山市>今秋イオンモール開業前、社会実験断念 県警が交通渋滞懸念 /岡山(毎日新聞)
Aeon Mall before opening this fall, social experiment abandoned police traffic jam concern / Okayama (Mainichi)

The 11th, for the "social experiment walking town prefectural government as" in accordance with the Aeon Mall Okayama (Kita Shimoishii 1) the opening of November, Omori Masao Mayor of Okayama made ​​it clear that giving up the implementation of the pre-opening. Plan to provide and open cafe reduce the lane Reformer Street is directly linked to this shop before, the city had recorded about 77 million yen in the fiscal 2014 budget, but the consent of the police are concerned about the traffic congestion that was not obtained .

Among municipal road that connects the east and west of the city center "prefectural government as" the (one-way path to the east), the subject of social experiment, about 650 meters up to Okayama Central Post Office from the same store planned site of the western end. It plans to reduce to one lane the two-lane, providing and open cafe on the sidewalk side. Conjunction with the social experiment that opens and events to the city streets closed to traffic Nishikawa Ryokudo park along the nearby, it was part of the business "bustle creation of city centers" that Omori mayor to focus.

Aimed at social experiment implementation of this shop before opening, the city was considering the police from last year. According to the city, until the 6th of this month, "and be carried out in the environment (such as traffic volume) different from the after opening, it is not possible to properly evaluate the impact on traffic" serious congestion is a concern "after opening the police . pointed out in mainline to spill out from the city center of the car, necessary to reduce the congestion, etc. "there is prefectural street, that" was judged not to put out a "road use permit.

At a regular press conference of the 11th, Omori mayor emphasized the significance of the social experiment that it is "I think urban development to be able to enjoy walking that's the demands of the times." It was said, "that was not able to understand the police's a shame extremely, but must respect the decision," he said. On the other hand, social experiment plan showed the idea of ​​carry over to the next fiscal year.

City 14 fiscal budget, and prefectural street, recorded about 77 million yen in the social experiment project cost of Nishikawa Ryokudo Park. For balance, except for about 11 million yen and traffic volume survey costs was already made, I correspond with, such as a reduction in the budget.

Police Traffic Regulation Division has been "to assess the traffic reality. Opened after that. Related organizations that traffic becomes enormous want is committed to reducing traffic congestion and cooperation, Aeon Mall Okayama after opening to consider the pros and cons of social experiment," he said.
<岡山市>今秋イオンモール開業前、社会実験断念 県警が交通渋滞懸念 /岡山(毎日新聞)






岡山市、「県庁通りぶらり歩き」など社会実験断念 県警が難色(産経新聞)
Okayama City, such as "walking Burari prefectural government as" reluctant social experiment abandoned prefectural police (Sankei Shimbun)

The 11th, and found that the social experiment of the city that try to expand and open cafe by limiting one lane through the center city of Okayama "prefectural Street" (2 lane), but was forced to stop at the opposite of the police were. The city had recorded about 8 ten million yen project cost, but expected that about 85% will be reduced correction. Police with the authority of the road use permit had been reluctant and as such "lead to congestion" from the year beginning.

In this day of the conference, Omori Masao mayor revealed. The city recorded a total of 77.3 million yen "walk Burari Prefectural Office Street" and "Nishikawa Ryokudo park muscle Free Walk" as a new business this year. Conducted in October-November and art exhibitions and open cafe deployment and traffic control for about 600 meters until the National Highway No. 53 from City Hall muscle Reformer street, on the theme of "fun space making walking" with Nishikawa Ryokudo park I was preparing in order to.

However, the opening of "ion Mall Okayama" is imminent in the vicinity, serious traffic congestion and as expected in the same store, which is near the number 20 million visitors a year, police had been reluctant.

Therefore, it is concluded that "unlikely serious traffic congestion even before opening" by performing a traffic study at 43 locations city, the city was asked to reconsider the police. But, "experiments in connection path of the city hall muscle heavy traffic does not put out a road use permit to social experiments. Opened just before the spur congestion," said police have expressed a rejection attitude on the 6th of this month .

Omori The mayor said, "You can not experiment sorry. You want to continue working did on adjustments to the next fiscal year," he said. Police Traffic Regulation Division has been, "It is time towards the ion mall opened, to be Komeru force to congestion prevention related organizations become united."

Is a pillar Omori mayor was first elected in October last year listed in the "Downtown Revitalization policy package", social experiment, was the centerpiece of the business bustle creation. Of the 77.3 million yen business budget, about 66 million yen is not implemented. According to the person in charge of the city, has been recorded as a reduction supplementary budget usually, in February Congress are not implemented by min, and that likely to be followed it this time.
岡山市、「県庁通りぶらり歩き」など社会実験断念 県警が難色(産経新聞)







歩行者優先化の社会実験見送り (山陽新聞)
Social experiment Deferring pedestrian prioritization (Sanyo newspaper)
The 11th, for the social experiment to create a space of pedestrian priority to traffic regulations Nishikawa Ryokudo park muscle Prefectural Office Street in the city center, which has been planned for 2014, Omori Masao Mayor of Okayama ideas forego implementation revealed. Since the consent of the Okayama Prefectural Police to issue a road use permit has not been obtained.
The city you towards the bustle creation of central city, want to advance the urban development that can be enjoyed on foot, thinking of police to refrain from the opening of large-scale commercial facilities and Aeon Mall Okayama (November planned) at JR Okayama Station south, concerned about the impact on traffic I did not reconcile that. The mayor said, "Without the consent of the police (social experiment) can not. Extremely regrettable" and while it is stressed that "town planning fun walk is necessary," said at a news conference.
With the aim of social experiment of opening and after the October and November of the ion before opening, the city continued to coordinate with the police, but correctly assess the impact to be carried out social experiment in a traffic environment that is different from the "ion after opening According to the city policy of the police that "he should be determined, including the Come on you assess the reality of traffic. after opening that can not be that did not change.
Preparation period of three months or so is required for social experiment, the implementation of pre-opening had reached the time limit. I was determined that implementation of the 14 fiscal and difficult from that period of time is required for the actual situation of the traffic situation also after opening.
The mayor was "not going to give up that completely. Based on the indications of police, and in consultation with relevant departments, we would like to consider," said the implementation of 15 onwards.
   Social experiment is one of the policy package of Downtown Revitalization by the city indicated by the initial budget for FY2002. Reduced to one lane from two-lane carriageway at about 600 m intervals to the east from the intersection point of the city hall muscle, was opened and open street cafes prefectural government. It was a plan to pedestrian both sides roadway in about 300 m interval to the south from the intersection point of the Momotaro Boulevard in Nishikawa muscle.
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