中高生がネット利用や弊害で熱弁/「スマホ子守り」に注意呼び掛け 岡山

High school students in the spiel evils and net use

The 23rd, "argued speech contest of the 10's" by high school students in Kurashiki Kojima district (sponsored by Soroptimist International of Kojima) was held in Kojima citizen Exchange Center of the city Kojimaajino. 12 people 7 schools opinion published on the theme of "network society and I" this year. While emphasizing the convenience of the net, and complained of the need for information ethics.
Participants, introduce the benefits "was able to have ties with many beyond the regional and age" and "was motivated by the heart to the message that transmits the video on the Internet" sprinkled with real-life experience.
It pointed out that "it looks like a conversation with a communication app in the family together, the opportunity to match the face has decreased" and "no longer able to concentrate on studying the reply from friends worrisome" for evil. It said, "devised and make rules in their own needs" or.
Okutomi Yoichi Associate Prof. of the City College will review, we chose to Excellence Award a total of five people.

And call attention to the "smartphone lullaby"

The 20th, lectures on the theme of the relationship of children and electronic media such as smartphones and game was held in Kasaoka first hospital of Kasaoka evil. Pointed out that pediatricians from, it is not coming into direct contact with the child, that there is a parent to the muffled by giving electronic media. And called attention as may adversely affect the mental and physical development of children.
In recent years, the hospital is planning for the first time as a health class of citizens to try to raise issues that children from a patient to visit a pediatric outpatient, media-dependent is suspected in many cases. About 100 patients and medical personnel, residents are asked.
Miyajima Yuko pediatrician, description stimulation of the five senses of early childhood is to form the basis of personality in the same hospital vice president. It said, "risk that prevents the development of language and brain function is allowed to lack the experience involved with people, to control the emotion there is over-reliance on the booming using the media," he said.
A survey of private organizations, that if the time you want to use games and television is more than 6 hours a day, result child is that four to three times the amount of children that do not use exits the violence impulse also introduce further. I complained, "close attention must contact from infancy, the use of a long period of time," he said.
The hospital survey carried out for the 100 family of outpatient. Realities 3-5 year-olds who are experienced in contact with the smartphone and that more than 30% have been published prior to the lecture.