<ひきこもり>農作業で回復を 地域活性化と組み合わせ(岡山県美作市)

<ひきこもり>農作業で回復を 地域活性化と組み合わせ

Attempt a combination of the activation of the mountainous areas, and recovery support from withdrawal in the depopulation aging has advanced in Mimasaka, Okayama Prefecture. While the share house opened in 2012, people trying to de-from withdrawal will move to farming and community life, change you can talk to people and nature, such as Dari challenged something appeared. There is a case similar to other local youth groups, commercialization in conjunction with the support the NPO. I'm working "people will also wake in economic development projects in the area," he said.

Operating a shared house in a private house in the city district Kajinami Group, "Yamamura Enterprise". I opened the share house Fujii Yuya representative appointed by the city of "economic development projects in the area Cooperation Volunteers" from (27) et al trying to create an environment that November '12, people who do not have the infrastructure to rural areas prone to migration. In addition to the private room, there is a kitchen and living room share. Aim's mechanism at both the activation of the district depopulation and aging migration of young people advance, support life, such as farming income part-time job at the abandoned farmland.

Initially, it was not anticipated recovery support withdrawal. But, men of their early twenties you have experience withdrawal of two-year move into when opening. Conversation is increased to one in contact with the residents, such as farming, feeling has changed. I started a theater work after one year.

Then, how the share house is spread by word-of-mouth to support families and the people of the withdrawal, from who experience withdrawal also another tenant. This spring, the group has developed recovery support project "human revitalization project" The withdrawal. Subjects, young people of 15-30 years of age who wish to be "I want to escape from the state of un-employment, pre-school". I assume day trips or experience of once a week, and long-term tenants. Go out to the farm work part-time job while involved little by little with the other residents in the shared space.

Of the eight residents of the share house, experience the three current withdrawal. Referral of relatives, came from Chiba in June this year Yamamoto Daiki (Daiki) 's (21) was not good at socializing, but rather that the senior residents come talk to force, time has elapsed naturally . A few days later, for the first time, "It is also this information work", Fujii representatives introduce a part-time job mowing of the field when Yamamoto asked an appointment for the next day. While learned and how to move the mower to residents, began farming.

When a customer visits to share house, scene moving themselves or out the tea, and teach origami to children has increased now. Fujii representative speak as "happy change becomes apparent."

Inquiry "human revitalization project" is, Yamamura enterprise (090-7894-4942). [Hisashi Kida Teruko]

If it is criticized in many withdrawal story Miyanishi Teruo, Wakayama Univ Professor Emeritus known for recovery support withdrawal of (psychiatry), opportunity to be grateful to someone less. Experience to live in areas that are in trouble, such as lack of agricultural leaders, be happy you have a job, be a good chance to escape from the withdrawal. In addition, there is a withdrawal experience, communal living seen that feelings of the parties and the "senior" is also made to support.







 ひきこもり回復支援で知られる宮西照夫・和歌山大名誉教授(精神医学)の話 ひきこもり中は批判される場合が多く、誰かに感謝される機会が少ない。農業の担い手不足などで困っている地域に住み、仕事をして喜ばれる経験は、ひきこもりから脱する良いきっかけになる。また、ひきこもり経験があり、当事者の心情がわかる「先輩」との共同生活も支援になる。