高橋引退「1、2年かけて次の目標探す」 (故郷・岡山)

高橋引退「1、2年かけて次の目標探す」 (故郷・岡山)
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"Find the next target over two years" Takahashi retired

Farewell, ace of Japan. The 14th, Daisuke Takahashi (28 = Kandai graduate) of the Vancouver Olympic bronze medalist in '10 is conference in Okayama Prefecture hometown Figure skating in the men's, I announced his retirement. Sochi Olympics started in February sixth place at the culmination. Influence of right knee failure is large, I had to rest this season. Stressed the decision to proceed, we consider, including the choice of non-skating in the future. Name skater who led the popular figure in Japan, finished the day-to-day battle.

It was Takahashi outside everyday even in mustache figure, not decorated in unusual glasses. Find the answer in good faith while shy little questions. I did not change in the seat-speaking big decision of life.

I made ​​a decision to retire Takahashi. I want to go towards the next goal.

Decision mid-September. Declared a rest this season, it was supposed to ponder over one year, "Moyamoya" that had been left in the mind. Miss a malfunction the World Championships in March. Including the Sochi Olympics that was positioned as a separator, it was incomplete combustion. At the same time, it felt "to keep the motivation is difficult," said Pyeongchang Olympics until four years later. Each other that clash was a "moyamoya". So, I decided the way to "Leaving even a little. Feeling that I wanted to clean, it is difficult to proceed," he said.

Was obtained the title of "Ace" started fighting at the forefront of the Japanese men's a teenager, but it was not a smooth sailing. I continued to struggle and failure. The October 08, and seriously injured anterior cruciate ligament of the right knee (the human body) rupture, of medial meniscus damage. Players life has been threatened. Barely walk even one year ago Vancouver Olympics opening. The resurrected from there, you have to hand the bronze medal. On this day, the players suffer from failure, and sent a message "the very good experience is, if you go to do it and I enjoy, the experience will be a thing of their own," he said.

The conference started in Okayama Prefecture was born and raised. When I started competing in 8-year-old in Kurashiki, referred to as "was glad my parents are of us laughing" than fun slide of their own. Even now, joy fans, their coach's joy the best. When asked the attractions of acting, I answered "We leave it to everyone it" always. Rather than their commitment, people who have seen the protagonist. "Rather than pass forcibly myself, it has been accepted by the flow." That's why, I was familiar with a rare representation of persons with kind dance to hip-hop from the classic.

're Fixed now only ice show in December. Unlike the past, to pass their own future, to determine its goals. To grin to be "really puzzled". "First of all it would do was liked to skate to where?" I start with that question. Period of two years. Or choreographer or coach, there to its destination or another road. However, it is certainly now think there is one. "I'm glad as yourself is going to be involved in skating, and good or result". [Abe Kengo]

◆ 16 days (Akira 61) March Daisuke Takahashi (Takahashi Daisuke) in 1986, was born the youngest of four brothers in Kurashiki, Okayama Prefecture. At the age of 8, I start to skate in a well Sanpia Kurashiki (at the time) near the house. Okayama Kurashiki Midorimatsu High - Kandai - Kandai graduate school. 165 cm, 59 kg.



 高橋 引退するという決断をしました。次の目標に向かって進みたい。





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