<“旗艦”の来岡>開業目前イオンモール 岡山   =「駅前と表町を行き来しない人が7割以上」=

<“旗艦”の来岡>開業目前イオンモール 岡山

<“旗艦”の来岡>開業目前イオンモール/上 共存共栄? /岡山
<“旗艦”の来岡>開業目前イオンモール/下 人の流れ /岡山
<北海道物産展>きょうから後期--天満屋岡山店 /岡山


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Opened imminent ion Mall / above co-existence and co-prosperity ? / Okayama

◇ opportunity or threat or is tried is local

Opening of JR Okayama Station before in a commercial complex under construction "Aeon Mall Okayama" (Kita-ku Shimoishii 1) was closing in on June 5. Attract prospective year more than 20 million. And operated by Aeon Mall (Chiba City), to appeal to "local color" in the enhancement of the prefecture brand, also emphasize co-existence and co-prosperity with local mall. But, there in Okayama advance of huge stores that the company is positioned as "West flagship store", also movement in the local mall that tries to put a certain distance.

"I want to liven up the whole Okayama". In a press conference in August in North Ward, manager of the local companies that attended the Okazaki bi-president of Aeon Mall told powerfully. Apparel, a leading readies the store to outside the prefecture in such as jewelry, referred to as "originating the Okayama of appeal" through the opening. Among the specialty store 356 stores of ion Mall, the prefecture brand 65 stores. Okazaki president also "sell flagship store's local color" was confident with.

The exhibitors, and ion Mall opened directly linked to the strengthening of the sales network. On the other hand, local shopping street becomes a composition that compete for customers. Aeon Mall call for "cooperation", but reaction's different.

Ion Mall in October, and the Station shopping district of Okayama Station East, signed a cooperation agreement as well to introduce the ions of electronic money in the Hokan town shopping street "WAON (chord)" of the west entrance. The accumulated points by shopping at Aeon Mall, a mechanism that can be used at the mall, "now flows customers in shopping street, leading to regional revitalization" aims to. Takashi President shore of Hokan town shopping street promotion association (64) to speak with "rather than hostile and ion, but I think that it" can be Let's do '". Doi Yasunori representative director of Station shopping street promotion association (73) as a "First thing to improve the pedestrian traffic", put the expectation to bustle after opening.

On the other hand, thought of Omote-machi shopping street away about 1 km from the ion Mall to the east is different from both the shopping district of the station. Having received the consultation of chord introduction, "you can not answer immediately also been proposed in practice just before" and to hold the answer. In as many unknowns be flowing how many people from the front of the station, warning feeling peek. Hiroyuki Chairman opened by a large amount of Omote-machi mall Federation (57) was talking about "shopping district, has been developed in cooperation with department stores and surrounding facilities are old. In order to liven up the table town in the future, I want to discussions," said .

Mimura Satoshi Professor of Okayama University Regional Research Center "is not only rely on ion, also shopping street itself, it is important to have a comprehensive future design, including such unique initiatives and public relations activities," points out. The "threat" without if you can and "opportunity". Have been tried the idea of local.

Aeon Mall I approach the changes in the economic and traffic associated with the Okayama of practice.


■ words

◇ ion Mall Okayama

8 floors above ground, two-storey underground (a total of about 250,000 square meters). Multiplex cinema (cinema complex, 11 screen, 2000 seats) I provided a and multi-purpose hall (600 seats). Of clothing for global expansion, "H & M", "ZARA" and, like "Tokyu Hands" of household goods, about 70% of the prefecture's first opening of specialty store 356 stores. Trade area and the entire prefecture (about 190 million people), also coming from the Shikoku district has put into the field of view.

<“旗艦”の来岡>開業目前イオンモール/上 共存共栄? /岡山

◇好機か脅威か 試される地元












<“旗艦”の来岡>開業目前イオンモール/下 人の流れ /岡山

<"Flagship" of the coming Oka> opened verge ion Mall / Commoner of flow / Okayama

Fashion, eateries, movie theaters, toy store .... Commercial complex that covers the shop of various genres, is said to be comparable to one of the shopping district. In the opening of ion Mall Okayama (Kita-ku Shimoishii 1), or the flow of people is what change. Make good the flow of Okayama city center, it's focus or be connected to the activation of the entire city.

People that do not traverse the station and Omote-machi more than 70% -. Okayama City last fall, Okayama, it's a result of the investigation that was conducted in collaboration with the Okayama Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Such as most streets and Takashimaya before, in face-to-face to 946 people who were around Okayama Station "Today, you go either to Omote-machi mall" When I asked the, "go" 21-5%, "do not go" 77-6 it was%.

The city and raised the "activation of the central city area", to focus on the maintenance or events of bicycles "peach bicycle". In Nishikawa Ryokudo park events of music and food is opened every week, it has been established. Omori Masao mayor said that "the person who visited the ion mall, ask them to migration to the entire city." But, such as social experiment to issue such open cafe in one lane of the prefectural government as is shelved in the opposite of the police, there is a problem.

In addition, there are various opinions between people interested in urban development. Masao Chairman Oka of trams and public transportation to detailed NPO corporation "public transportation camel" talk with "The key is information dissemination". "Okayama Castle, you can easy-to-understand access to Korakuen, if devised to reach the information to people who are in the mall, the event also alive come. (Year coming to a store's prospects of ion Mall) Of the 20 million people 1% But I felt that if migratory effect is significant. "

On the contrary, there is also a negative voice in migratory. While raising the eldest son of the 2-year-old real estate - Imanaka Chieko (Naka-ku) is skeptical as "child-rearing generation than not out into the city." "In town, strict eye on children surprisingly, as public transport difficult also available. Ion Mall is needed without having to worry about also clamoring children, such a place is less" it says. Imanaka who think the town of way through the city of used equipment utilization is "really, I want to develop a personality of the city itself. Large-scale commercial facilities because it does not change even anywhere in the city," he said.

Appearance of the city, economy, transportation -. Whether change It's unknown. Conceive a variety of expectations and predictions, June 5, ion mall Okayama to open.
<“旗艦”の来岡>開業目前イオンモール/下 人の流れ /岡山






<北海道物産展>きょうから後期--天満屋岡山店 /岡山
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late from today - Tenmaya Okayama shop / Okayama

Enjoy Hokkaido attractive mainly on Asahikawa City "and Hokkaido Bussan tourism exhibition" late is the 5th, starting with Okayama shop Tenmaya (Kita-ku-cho, Table 2). Plays a character "Asa~tsupiー" that loose of city tourism PR of Kushiro "Mermaid Kushiro" Hayashi Yuka is four days, visited the Mainichi Shimbun Okayama bureau, was called to be "enjoying the fresh ingredients of Hokkaido".

I replace the shop of almost half from the previous fiscal year began on October 28. "Asahikawa Special" and ramen of popular restaurant "UmeHikarinoki" in the corner, is the first exhibition fried pastry "Potetochuro" using the Hokkaido potatoes. Such as seasonal salmon fillet also appears from Kushiro.

Hayashi visit to the 5th morning. Starting at the 2 and from 8, 9 pm both days of the afternoon one, there is also rock-paper-scissors tournament of Asa~tsupiー. Inquiry this shop (086-231-7111)
<北海道物産展>きょうから後期--天満屋岡山店 /岡山



Plants stop-off police officers to Aeon Mall Okayama

Okayama Central Station is 7 days, which opened December 5 to JR Okayama Station south to the first floor north to patrol base of "Aeon Mall Okayama" (Okayama city north district Shimoishii) "police stop-off station" (3 meter room about 40 square meters) is provided, it was the opening ceremony. Established as a stop-off locations within the prefecture's first stores in cooperation of ion side. I want to start the operation from the end of November.
Police Okayama Station East Exit executives alternating plants of police officers et al., Stationed a large time zone of the customer, such as holiday of daytime and weekday evening to the axis. In addition to lost and lost property, theft incidents that increase is expected, the corresponding such as a traffic accident in the parking lot. Also I do crime prevention patrols in cooperation with local residents.
About 30 people officials attended the opening ceremony. Mizushima Koji chief is greeted as "Shoin tackle concerted crime prevention and traffic safety", it was tape cut and ion Mall Okayama of Takeda Hisakazu general manager, et al. A man who shoves a knife to female customers Shoin had also nab training.

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