株式会社の学校、苦境…定員割れも   岡山 私立中高一貫

株式会社の学校、苦境…定員割れも 岡山 私立中高一貫
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「株式会社立」やめて学校法人に 岡山の中高、経営難で
School Inc., predicament ... capacity cracking also

Ltd. stand school was born in began Special Zones for Structural Reform in the Koizumi administration era.

Management plane in succession of schools that are in dire straits, in some cases the transition to the school corporation obtained a grant from the local governments.

Private middle and high consistency Asahi cram secondary education school in the mountains of Okayama City. Night of mid-November, in the dorm study room adjacent to the school, about 50 people of 1-6 years (medium 1 to high 3) went to the desk. In mathematics tests 1, 2 graders received, and faculty the bar code of the problem you make a mistake to read, similar problem is printed, students re-challenge. It's like a school that thorough iterative learning. First year of Huashan Hideaki Hanayama Hideaki kun (13) "I can understand what a mistake why, it is possible to overcome the weak field".

Weekday morning in the dormitory, one hour before school, night is obliged learning of 2 hours after dinner. I do iterative learning of similar problems in a manner similar to the dormitory at school.

School's predecessor, Asahi Gakuen group 2004 to the school as a base, the country's first Corporation standing junior high school was opened in the special zones. Can not be established a school corporation in assets shortage, old Mito proposed the use of closed school and elementary school (now Okayama City) has managed to opened in that it has been certified in special zones. Get the same group is adjacent land after three years, high school was also established.

Also has its own subjects to feed debate force

In the Zone it is possible to fold the curriculum that features that are not tied to curriculum guidelines, and established its own subject "discussion Department" to feed the debate force. However, the influence and the declining birth rate, there is also the voice of the "Corporation standing school might collapse", capacity cracking was followed. Allows free curriculum other than special zone with the new system, and founded a school corporation that is subject to private school grants of about 100 million yen per year. I became a secondary education school in 11 years.

Also cage students attend from home, the current number of students a total of about 170 people of just under 60% of capacity. In the strict management, each grade 2 class is provided, teachers 2 people responsible for students 5-20.

This spring, 5 graduating class graduation. 40% passed the Kokkoritsudai. 1 inaugural class, Asako Mr. Kurokawa was a job to affiliated organization of Okayama Prefecture from Kagawa Univ. (23) "Ikitodoki teacher's eyes, me riding on empathetic to consultation". Toriumi Toriumi Ju-ji Koji same group Headmaster (80) "it was possible to create a school because there was a special zone. To appeal the appeal and go track record of small education, I want to collect the student" and put the power.

According to the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, but Ltd. standing school of special zone was established 35 schools, abolition and 26 schools currently in transition to school corporation. "Although there are examples that led to the activation of the region, challenges in operational aspects are often" ministry and, it is prudent attitude nationwide deployment of Corporation standing school.

"Concern about the stability and continuity" ministry pointed out

Special Zones for Structural Reform is a system to mitigate the regulation of specific areas in the region limited, founded in 2002. In the past, can be installed school was school corporation that owned the school building, school sites, is also recognized Corporation if it meets certain requirements, such as guarantee to rent a long period of time in the special zones. However, recruitment stop, etc. continued, ministry in the investigation of 11 year, pointed out that "stability of education, there is a concern in continuity". On the other hand, there were also cases that achieve education that is featured in the region. I opened scheduled Corporation standing elementary school in Gunma Prefecture in next spring.















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