中高一貫入学者選抜に1755人 岡山県/私立中学入試に英語、首都圏で30校以上に「グローバル入試」

中高一貫入学者選抜に1755人 岡山県


起業家教育:小中学校で 政府、来年度から全国拡大「グローバル入試?」

中高一貫入学者選抜に1755人 岡山県

1755 people Okayama Prefecture in middle and high consistency admission

Okayama Prefecture Tatsunaka high consistency School of fiscal 2015 admissions is the 10th, in Tsuyama to opened this spring and (Tsuyama Tsubakikoge), (Kitanagasehon cho, Okayama, Kita-ku), etc. education school Daianjinaka, Misao Yamanaka (city Naka-ku, Yokohama ) is carried out in four schools in Amagi (Kurashiki Fujitochoamaki), but 1755 elementary school students are challenged to capacity recruitment of people a total of 480.
To 297 people in in Tsuyama (80 people capacity) is subject to inspections, competition ratio was 3 · 71 times. The children are set to gymnasium visited by being accompanied by a guardian from early morning. After hearing a description of the notes, to enter the classroom with a strained look, has received two types of aptitude test asking such as thinking and expressive power.
Daian-ji (160 people capacity) competitive rate of 3 · 76-fold in 601 people (previous year 4 · 71-fold), Misao-san (120 people capacity) is the same 4-20 times in 504 people (previous year 4, 18 times), Amagi (120 people capacity) How was 2 · 94-fold in 353 people (previous year 3 · 49-fold). The results I be notified before the 23rd all four schools.
Okayama private entrance examination in the prefecture has begun Okayama Curator Museum Kiyohide during last December 6 a (Okayama Higashi-ku Saidaijikami) Starting.
中高一貫入学者選抜に1755人 岡山県

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起業家教育:小中学校で 政府、来年度から全国拡大

ICTで変わる教育 育て!未来のグーグルやMS プログラミング教育で人材育成

数学 算数メモ 『21世紀の資本』 データのグラフ化
English to private junior high school entrance examination, to more than 30 schools in the metropolitan area and "Global entrance exam"

Incorporate English in admissions are increasing private junior high school. According to the executing agency of If we to introduce English in 2015 entrance examination, only the Tokyo metropolitan area, even excluding the return raw limited so that up to at least 32 schools. English learning in earnest in elementary school, has accelerated the introduction in anticipation that further progress in the future.

Junior high school entrance examination featured
Last year in December, with the junior high school (men's, women's) Secondary School was Toingakuen of Yokohama (men) in the briefing of, the English description about 800 people protection we have for the first time entrance examination subjects was listened. Teachers is to explain such that English composition of problems out, concluded this. "From now on important that we put the power to master the English with a force that works in college entrance examination." English only in the afternoon entrance examination of February 2 was introduced as elective, Eiken tertiary level (about current junior high school graduation) of vocabulary (Goi) and reading comprehension is required descriptive also called to question.

"Child of you want to meet the needs that are hard the English out of the elementary school," said Toru Yamaki academic affairs director of Toingakuen says. Briefing to came Fujisawa, Kanagawa Prefecture of 40s of company employee men of the family about four years until last March, was living in the United States. Although it is under consideration to take the examination of the eldest son of the small 6, men as "general admissions spread a chance When English can choose in" rejoice.

There in the background it's full of English learning in elementary school. 5,6 year in fiscal 11 English became compulsory. Education, Culture, Sports, Science and the Ministry of December 13, and early in the third grade classes, from the fifth grade published a reform plan for the subject. With the aim to improve the English ability, we aim to step-by-step implementation from 2006.

Tokyo city large comes in (Setagaya-ku, Tokyo) to start a new English, math, "Global entrance examination" by 3 subjects of writing (Japanese). The level of problem in the second grade about from the British Kenjun second grade, writing only. Masato Ono principal of "or was eager to English education, parents from home or was English-speaking native query began to come," said feels the growing interest.





起業家教育:小中学校で 政府、来年度から全国拡大「グローバル入試?」
Entrepreneur education: national expansion government, from the next fiscal year in elementary and junior high school

Government from next year, begin efforts to encourage the introduction of "entrepreneur education" which was intended for elementary and junior high school students in schools across the country. In the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry next fiscal year budget budget request of, request a \ 500 million in expanding nominal entrepreneur education. Were grown rich human resources to challenge spirit and originality, with the aim of soil that nurtures venture to leap to the companies that represent the world such as Apple and Google.

◇ product planning and sales

Entrepreneur education, you can experience to establish the "Corporation" of simulated using such a comprehensive learning time, with or heard by calling entrepreneurs from outside, the children "entrepreneurial spirit" cultivate thing. Already in some of the elementary and junior high school has implemented, in the elementary school in Suginami-ku, Tokyo, children create a "company", planning and development of original products such as towel. Collected funds by issuing shares, actually sell you ordered the goods, you have activities such as donate the profits to the school.

◇ cooperation with shopping town

However, penetration into the education of the country can not be said to be sufficient, the government from next year, specify the model schools, promote the dissemination and promotion of entrepreneurship education, such as by distributing a brochure that shows the case in elementary and junior high schools. Cooperation with economic organizations and shopping district of the region also it's aggressively boost to policy.

In the background the government to promote entrepreneurship education, entrepreneurship is in the background is something weak in Japan. Entrepreneurship is active in the United States Apple and Google, experienced venture is rapid growth, such as Facebook, you are leading the economy. On the other hand, entrepreneurs who wish in Japan, consists of 1.6 million people stand in 1997, such as in 2012 reduced to 800,000 units, it is a major issue is less challenger to entrepreneurship. METI "I thought their own, such as the ability to proactively judgment, can feed the power to live" are educational effect of (person in charge) and also expected.
起業家教育:小中学校で 政府、来年度から全国拡大






私立中学入試に英語、首都圏で30校以上に「グローバル入試」起業家教育:小中学校で 政府、来年度から全国拡大

株式会社の学校、苦境…定員割れも 岡山 私立中高一貫

中高生の7割強 ネットでトラブル 14年 スマホ・携帯利用調査 岡山
岡山)難関大学目指して高校生90人が合宿 倉敷



 生徒はこのほか、「number one(1番)とonly one 目指すべきはどちらか」といった簡単には答えが出ない問題について議論するなどして、学力だけでなく、大学進学の目的意識も高めていた。同高の高木俊彰さん(17)は「参加者のレベルも高く、頑張っていこうと思った」と意気込んでいた。

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