岡山県立高特別入試 2.28倍

岡山県立高特別入試 2.28倍
Okayama Prefectural High special entrance examination 2.28 times

Okayama Prefecture Board of Education is the 4th, announced the filing status of fiscal 2015 special entrance examination in the prefecture public high school. Commercial, and specialized departments such as industry, was carried out comprehensive department, with some infantry, Prefectural average competition rate of 41 schools to be out of the full-time at times 2, 28, was below the previous year 0 - 03 points.
Prefectural full-time is to recruit 3510 people, which corresponds to about 30% of the total capacity 11 960 people in the special entrance examination, 8010 people were filed. Increased 602 people from academic hope the time of the survey of last year in December.
41 schools 107 Department of two courses 2 Type 3 out of the field, the highest competition rate was 3 · 65 of Kurashiki Central Normal School children course, Kyohi Division of Home Economics was followed by 3 · 50 times. Capacity cracking was only Katsuyama Hiruzen school land infantry (0 · 25-fold).
Introduction schoolwide common academic achievement test (language, mathematics, English) the, interview, each school own writing, I do like to the 12 and 13 days practical. Special entrance examination were selected with an emphasis on sense of purpose and suitability of the student to notify the prospective of pass in the 20th.
Koraku Hall in the City, Tamano quotient, Kurashiki Shominami, participated four schools of Ryonan Mabi, carried out in the same schedule as the Prefectural.
Special entrance examination was introduced along with the abolition of self-recommendation entrance examination, the second year. In the last 14 fiscal special entrance examination, mistake is discovered in scoring 35 schools 391 people Prefectural.
County board of education has summarized the improvements last October, during the scoring as the grader can focus on each high school you can prohibit the school of current students, is provided with a score entry column of each small question and large question to answer sheet in policy or I have a "so that the mistake does not appear again, to again thoroughly before production" (high School Education Division).
岡山県立高特別入試 2.28倍


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