「でーれーガールズ」岡山封切り =全編、岡山ロケの話題作がついに封切り=

「でーれーガールズ」岡山封切り =全編、岡山ロケの話題作がついに封切り=
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「でーれーガールズ」岡山封切り =全編、岡山ロケの話題作がついに封切り=
"DERE girls" the work in topics of Okayama release = a whole book and Okayama location releases at last=.

The work in topics of a whole book and Okayama location releases at last,--. On the 14th, the preceding showing of the "DERE girls" who filmed a novel of Mr. author Harada MAHA on the Okayama-shi relation has started with ZION movie Okayama (the said city Kita-ku Shimoishii). The fan who couldn't wait thronged from a morning and enjoyed the female senior high school student's youth story developed by the familiar landscape it.
The film is shown on the screen of the western Japan maximum level (18 meters of width and 9 meters of height) from 9:30am. The most part was buried by reservation by the previous day, and 410 seats of audience could make the long line one just after the opening. The female of Takahashi-shi who lined up at 8:00am 1 hour ago when the said movie theater opens (42), "I wanted to see at even a little good seat. It's wonderful you're homesick somewhere, and how a warm original work is reflected by a picture, the pleasure" and eldest son of an elementary school for 6 years (12), "Fan of Mr. Adachi pear flower who performed 1 person of a main character. I'd like to see the form that Mr. Adachi shines at Okayama early.", I was speaking.
The uniform of "Okayama white heron girls' high school" which appears on a movie was exhibited in a screen entrance and exit way, and Juan and others who take a ceremonial picture were seen. Mr. former daughter role top white feather lily after showing the film, who are Ooku Akiko director, Mr. Adachi and Takarazuka Revue Company including Mr. Harada and Momose Misaki from Okayama-shi, a stage greeted.
The story by which "DERE girls" drew best friend's friendship by taking place in 1980 by a classmate with the female senior high school student who has moved to Okayama-shi from Tokyo. It was taken a picture of at a model high school in the Sanyo girl of a work at Mr. Harada's old school including Tsurumi-bashi near Korakuen in September of last year. An extra of total of 700 people of active junior and senior high school students participated.
The whole country opening to the public is 21 days.
「でーれーガールズ」岡山封切り =全編、岡山ロケの話題作がついに封切り=

「でーれー 中学生?!」





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