銃撃テロのデンマークの様子は 岡山 出身者が語る

銃撃テロのデンマークの様子は 岡山 出身者が語る
A Danish sign of shooting terrorism Okayama Does a former student tell?

I asked= from the 17th and Mr. Ayumi Umino sheep who was going to the Copenhagen large and encountered an event= Okayama-shi about a local sign by mail about Danish continuous shooting terrorism in metropolitan Copenhagen.
Where did you know a-event?
I was spending with my Japanese friend by the home apartment and knew an event by mail from the Japanese Embassy. The car a suspect dropped off was ahead of the eye and the nose in the home apartment, and the vicinity seethed with a policeman, the police vehicle, special forces and a helicopter. A warning was issued and so that a citizen might stand by in a home and go out from the police an event site said the home neighborhood and made it quiet at a house. I think I was quite afraid if I was here by myself.
-What kind of place is the cafe in the forum place which became a site?
The distance a cafe is a bicycle from a home and which is about 5 minutes. They're rest and the location where I was taking shelter from the rain for a walk course on a weekend. Local people usually gather, and a small-scale event is opened. I liked a Dane to stay at the space where he relaxed at every kind of time, so wasn't that day being also discussed by the comfortable atmosphere while having tea?
-The state of the city?
The terrorism day blocked around the event site, and a train didn't also stop at the station around here. It doesn't change with usual at present. A police car or the police vehicle is the Takeshi speed in a free downtown, and a mark of the dreadful tire when running about, is left in a road surface. An intense traffic jam had occurred by many people, bicycle and car to the meeting place on the 16th when a memorial service was performed at an event site.
The surrounding reaction to a-event?
He's from Denmark, but a suspect is telling that there is a background as a 2nd generation of immigration. Originally, how to touch with an immigration and various culture holds many problems in Denmark. I think there is also structure like the Japanese society as the young people who fail by a social involvement. "Denmark is dangerous." "Islamic nation is on the rampage all over the world." that it shouldn't be understood as etc. easily, I'm talking with a person around.
◇ Ayumi Umino sheep (purulent* Ayumi)
From Okayama-shi. Okayama Ichinomiya high school graduate, Ehime University department of education education of children with disabilities teacher education course graduate and Doshisha University graduate school pedagogy postgraduate course Master's course finish. Via Shimonoseki short-term Daisuke religion and the said lecturer, from September, 2013, Copenhagen big Department of Psychology enrollment. Danish Copenhagen residence. A column "Danish root digging leaf digging" is being serialized by Sanyo Shinbun digital.
銃撃テロのデンマークの様子は 岡山 出身者が語る

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