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By the fa supporter and a cluster, big encouragement/Okayama

A heart, it's to J1 in one. This season's first match in soccer J2 FAJIANO Okayama performed for 8 days at a city light stadium in Okayama-shi. Close to 11,000 people who buried a stadium sent big encouragement without a supporter's being cut off, and a volunteer supported a victory with a people working behind, too. I'd like an omen for a team which responds to the expectation and moves in a lively way, white star start. I concentrate the power of the fan with a team and get a ticket to a dream stage by "Okayama cluster".
From the opening front which is noon at an entrance gate, supporters are a long queue. The elementary school 4 year boy of Okayama-shi (10) does face paint and gets many points and wins certainly "", and, it faced a stand by a smiling face.
Last season's home game average number of visitors of FAJIANO is 8404. First last year is broken since J2 entry in 2009, and "challenge 1" aiming at 10,000 people (one) is developing a project this season. The man who invited and visited my friend (63)= the said city Minami-ku= "would like to raise a time of the promotion by the power of the support". 3 year girl student of a university in Kurashiki-shi (21) takes charge of selling a season pass by a volunteer, "Polite, I contribute to the audience number rise by the heart you're entertaining.", I threw all the strength of my body.
FAJIANO which made a challenge of J2 entry into the war for the 7th year start. Nagasawa Tetsu director of Nii commander took command excellently, and the expert DF Iwamasa Taiki and MF Ryo Kaji who have joined an organization this season by a former Japanese representative together showed an existence sense greatly, too. The female of Akaiwa city who gazed at a furious battle (56), "You lead the new fighting power to the height surely. When fighting together until the end, big delight should wait.", it could be filled with hope of.


<GO!ファジアーノ>サッカー 岐阜に3-0で快勝 開幕戦、ホームで好スタート /岡山






 ▽Cスタ 観衆10995

岡山 ○3 1-0 0● 岐阜


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