寝台特急 備中高梁駅に初停車 「サンライズ出雲」 (東京と島根)高梁は天空の城として人気が高まる国史跡・備中松山城

寝台特急 備中高梁駅に初停車 「サンライズ出雲」 (東京と島根)
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Bed special express At Bitchu-takahashi station, the first stop "Izumo of Sunrise" (Tokyo and Shimane)

The bed special express which ties Tokyo and Izumo-shi, Shimane "Izumo of Sunrise" stopped at 14 Japan and North Korea and JR Bitchu-takahashi station for the first time. JR receives the local request and add it to the new stop by timetable revision from this day. Staff of a city office of tourism commemorated arrival on the first flight, and opened a welcome event by station yard.
Izumo of Sunrise, ascent, Bitchu-takahashi station, in departing at 9:48pm and next 7:08am, to Tokyo. Descent will leave Tokyo at 10:00pm and arrive at Takahashi next 7:14am. Takahashi-shi has always requested a stop from JR from 1998 Izumo of Sunrise came to pass Hakubi-sen when.
The national history trace where popularity rises as a castle in the sky and Fukya, Nariwa-cho area in Bitchu Matsuyama-jo and streets with the red ocher color hold rich tourist attractions in Takahashi. Chairperson Hiroshi Nakamura of a city office of tourism, "By the diamond I tend to visit from Kanto district, tourist's increase big chance. The PR is strengthened and plans for a bustle.", enthusiastic.
About 30 people of Mayor Takanori Kondo and staff of a city office of tourism meet a passenger by armor (armor) and the happi form at Bitchu-takahashi station on this day. An original note pad with illustrations in Bitchu Matsuyama-jo and a souvenir on a tourist brochure of the city were presented to 16 people who have got off. The sightseeing shuttle taxi which looks at a sea of cloud by the city taxi company also begins to move from this day. 2 passengers were given a ride and it was left for an observatory in Matsuyama.
The man who got on the first flight from Tokyo from Takahashi-shi (36), "A romance is felt in a bed special express's stopping at Kori.", I was glad.
Mayor Kondo, "Long want accorded. Business use as well as sightseeing can also be expected. When it'll be priming of city activation.", I was speaking.
寝台特急 備中高梁駅に初停車 「サンライズ出雲」 (東京と島根)

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JR timetable revision, and stop at "Sunrise Izumo" is "Sky Fortress" nearest Bitch?-Takahashi Station

Tokyo - express sleeper which is operated between Izumo "Sunrise Izumo" is, I was supposed to stop the newly Hakubi Line Bitch?-Takahashi Station in timetable revision of March 14, 2015. JR West has announced.

Same train will use the express-shaped bed train 285 system, perform the 併結 operation and "Sunrise Seto" between Tokyo and Okayama. "Twilight Express" becomes the service completed in March next year, "Hokutosei" well as cancel the operation as a regular train, in the night train is one after another disappear, "Sunrise Izumo" to keep the high popularity, to the New Year special train "Sunrise Izumo 91-92 issue" is also operation.

Bitch?-Takahashi Station is a castle town of Matsuyama Castle Bicchu, "Bicchu of small Kyoto," said Takahashi City of representative station, also called. Express "Yakumo" All trains stopped, usually trains arrive and depart from the station to Kurashiki, Okayama direction. Bicchu Matsuyama Castle is located in the high places of the most altitude in Yamashiro existing tower, the early morning from fall to spring, from the fact that is seen fantastic scenery floating in the sea of clouds, that is popular as the "Sky Fortress".

Express sleeper "Sunrise Izumo" is timetable revision later next year March, down the Bitch?-Takahashi Station 7:14 clothes, up to become a 48-minute arrival at the station 21, a business use to Takahashi city of tourism and Tokyo area more convenient. It is to be noted that thing with to appreciate the Bicchu Matsuyama Castle floating in the sea of clouds and "Bicchu Matsuyama Castle tourist vans sea of clouds taxi", is also the start of operation, such as sightseeing tour bus to Fukiya district beautiful city remains.




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「天空の山城」で1年のすす払う 岡山 備中松山城

「天空の山城」で1年のすす払う 岡山 備中松山城

1 year of soot pay Okayama Bicchu Matsuyama Castle in "Sky Fortress"

Tower is Japan's only Bicchu Matsuyama Castle Honmaru (altitude 430 m), which is a fortress that existing = Takahashi = in the 19th, a large cleaning was done to pay for one year soot.

Tiler from 4 people, climbed to the roof, such as country of important cultural assets tower and double tower (tower), fallen leaves and monkey droppings, spider web, etc. Get rid, checked the deviation of the tile.

Doshiro is now the tower from autumn to winter is known throughout the country as "Sky Fortress" floating in the sea of clouds, the number of visitors to the main enclosure is increasing year by year. Last year about 50,000 people, this year has been visited by about 50,008 thousand people until November.

New Year until January 3rd from the 29th, can not admission to the main enclosure. Query the city Board of Education Social Education Division (electricity) 0866, 21, 1516.



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