Skill in the first shipment in Kurashiki purchase more than 30,000 yen to market tuna Univ. Of Science, Okayama

Use a special fresh water mixed with sodium or potassium " suitable environmental water " , the 15th , one animal bluefin tuna OUS ( Okayama city north district Univ. Of Science Town) has been farming for the first time shipped to market in Okayama , it is subjected to a bidding were . 90 cm in length , with 14.5 kg weight , it was small-sized compared to the tuna , the typical trader in Kurashiki ¥ 31,900 " higher than the market price " of ( market participants ) in ( 1 kg 2200 yen ) was dropped auction .

Nicknamed " Univ. Of Science tuna " . In university , Yamamoto ShunMasashijun professor who developed the suitable environmental water ( marine growth ) has started full-scale farming of bluefin tuna ( 8 m diameter , 3 m water depth ) in the huge water tank on campus from July 2010 . However , breeding is difficult to die and by colliding with the wall surface by the time the growth , it was not be shipped .

On this day , was applied to the bidding city in the Central Wholesale Market ( city Minami-ku market ) is , tuna only remaining of the 30 animals that had been cultured from September 12 . According to such consignee company , Okayama Prefecture water of the same market , rate of farmed tuna is called a 2 1000-3 one thousand yen per kilogram , considering that it was " small-sized , good value of about more than the market price with I have a " than the .

Associate Professor Yamamoto smiled , " so that they can ship the good thing of the physique more , I want to repeat a study is filled with deep emotion . Future Given the difficulty of ever " he said. So far , we have been shipping the fish of five eel and puffer fish , such as queries in the university . Farming of bluefin tuna to resume in August .

The farming of bluefin tuna , Kinki success from the world's first egg to "complete culture " . I'm out to Osaka and Tokyo Ginza specialty restaurant .

理大マグロ、岡山の市場に初出荷 倉敷の業者が3万円超で購入






The market's first shipment "It's OUS tuna" on the 15th ...

The 15th, OUS for the first ship to Okayama City Central Wholesale Market, the one animal that has grown bluefin tuna can be farmed together saltwater fish and freshwater fish in the "preferred environmental water".

To make in addition to fresh water and potassium contained in seawater, a component minimum required for the survival of marine fish suitable environmental water. To grow in a water tank on campus, that it is not affected, such as natural disasters and marine pollution.

The raised from fry in September two years ago, is growing 90 centimeters long and weighs 15.3 kg in weight now. Yamamoto ShunMasashijun professor to study the new technology that can be farmed fine fish in inland "taste fat rode the" land tuna. '"



Okayama Univ. Of Science also kept in water of farming tuna shipment proprietary ...

The 15th , Okayama City Central Wholesale Market , ( length 90 cm , weight 15.3 kg ) bluefin tuna the one animal that was farming or the like is added sodium in fresh water in the " preferred environmental water " is OUS ( Okayama city north district ) I was in the first shipment . Take advantage of this water that can be easily manufactured , farming of saltwater fish that becomes possible inland .

The preferred environmental water , Yamamoto ShunMasashijun professor of the university ( fisheries science growth ) development . So far, farming in a water tank near the campus of more than 10 km inland from the sea , flounder and tiger puffer , Que , and eel , have been shipped .

From September 2012 , bluefin tuna breeding about 30 animals a juvenile around 300 grams weight . The majority died of fish , such as contact with each other , but I grew until one animal can be shipped . In the first auction of the day , and 2200 yen per kilogram , high value with relatively small as tuna . Yamamoto, Associate Professor watched in the market was talking , "I want to advance the research as a large tuna grow more ."





Overthrow ! The Okayama forward to Kinki Univ. Of Science tuna queries

The 21st , OUS ( Okayama city north district ) was the first delivery Que 70 animals were farmed in tap water without using [ Nagasaki ] green sub- sea water . Applied to the bidding in Okayama City Central Wholesale Market in the 22nd , and outdone in full tuna farming of Kinki University , the market under the brand name of " Que Univ. Of Science " .

Que was four months rearing three years from June 2010 plus minerals such as potassium in tap water at a " suitable environment water" . Fry 8 centimeters in length , was 10 g grew up about 35 centimeters , up to 1 km or more , I was moved and the other in the water tank of the track.

Que is a factory second only tiger puffer , flounder , trevally , the Japanese eel . Yamamoto ShunMasashi - OUS associate professor who developed the suitable environment water said, " want to devised to grow more quickly to be able to supply . Stable Que mountain grew up unaware of the sea " .
打倒!近大マグロ 理大クエをよろしく 岡山



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