2016年の大河ドラマが「真田丸」! 岡山県高梁市「山田方谷」はいつ?

2016年の大河ドラマが「真田丸」! 岡山県高梁市「山田方谷」はいつ?


Saga of 2016 is "Sanada Maru"! When Takahashi City, Okayama Prefecture is "Yamada Hotani"?

Worked on fiscal reconstruction of Okayama clan Takahashi City, Okayama Prefecture is "Yamada Hotani"

Attract drama exercise to flood Komon , Mitsuhide , to Tadakatsu ... around hot

From what Hebei Shimpo reported on March 27, 2014 , 2013 tourists Aizuwakamatsu, Fukushima Prefecture , which were the main stage of the drama of 2013 , 3.959 million people many one million people from the previous year the reached , and it became a record high . The prefecture is not fully emerged from the reputational damage caused by the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear accident , but still , there is an effect that does not also assume it .

2016 was decided to draw the life of Samurai Sanada Nobushige ( Yukimura ) to " Sanada Maru" . In Wakayama Prefecture Kudoyama town became the exiled destination and Ueda, Nagano Prefecture is the home of Yukimura , the battle after Sekigahara , signature activities " Sanada Yukimura ! The saga hero " and is expanded from a few years ago , the whole country it will reach to about 88 million people minute by collecting signatures around the country .

(Shooting Mr. Hiroaki Kaneko , from Flickr) Uedashiro

Is attracting activities roughly 30 persons across the country

I have been doing in various places significant impact attract drama activities to the promotion of the region.

In Ibaraki Prefecture , drama Movement familiar Tokugawa Mitsukuni is happening in the " Mito Komon " .
Promotion Council that people called for Mito Chamber of Commerce and Industry was established in May 2013 . I've been working by setting the 350,000 signatures target number for the time being .
That the General Assembly of the Council is carried out in Mito city on May 14, 2014 , topped the target number has been reported , but the voice to be discouraged by the drama of 2016 it was decided to " Sanada Maru" went up . And that will go to attract activities continue .

One of the Tokugawa Four Heavenly Kings , are pushing Chiba Prefecture Otaki-machi Honda Tadakatsu in the military commander who served Tokugawa Ieyasu .
The " Takeda Shingen and " Yamamoto Kanbe " , Uesugi scenic and " Naoe Kanetsugu " , " Kuroda Kanbee " There Toyotomi Hideyoshi ! And there were " Honda Tadakatsu " Tokugawa Ieyasu . (From the official site ) "
Well , I feel like that is come and certainly are arranged this way , but that's Tadakatsu of " warrior " type rather than the " inner circle " , pulling one year ... also feel difficult .

The daughter Hosokawa Gracia and Akechi Mitsuhide that caused the Honnoji Incident , Kyoto Prefecture six cities and one town has been established to attract Promotion Council . Around you are getting to domain Nantes " taiga-dorama.com " , the motivation comes through . I wonder not offend the NHK.

In addition , the original retainer supplanting his lord , Odawara, Kanagawa Prefecture is " Hojosoun " , was changed seven times lord Tsu City, Mie Prefecture is " Todo Takatora " , ruler of virtue of the Edo shogunate previous period " Hoshina Masayuki " , Ina City, Nagano Prefecture Chiba Prefecture dominated the Kennan section Tateyama City " Mr. Satomi " , Takahashi City, Okayama Prefecture are pushing each worked on the fiscal consolidation of the Okayama clan "Yamada Hotani " . It would be great men irreplaceable for the local course , NHK that must judge each time such a proposal would also be quite serious .

Alone that there was a proposal to NHK to " formally , in some cases you are pushing in the region of more than one person . 1 person such as are 30 people roughly in person -based , and those that NHK does not know even if you include , the supposed " to be a considerable number , and valve of press coverage that experience to NHK. Is said to be a branch office in a rural area , also that there is a " petition " all the time , but it's the first time the swelling enough to convincing .

In common with the saga hero

By the way , have something in common with the work audience rating high in recent years . It 's conjugal relations " Toshiietomatsu " " Komyogatsuji " and " Atsu Hime " is good . It will not mean women like historical woman that holds the right channel , but the hero or partner is in the setting of person to continue to love the honest lawful wife ( husband ) .

Oda Nobunaga Samurai popular number one also appear this year in the " strategist Kanbee ," but my wife come out to TV only Nohime of legal wife . Though there is something wrong you are watching when you from the historical fact that it was facing a number of concubine .

In that respect, Kuroda Kanbee the hero was not loved only one wife . I say the person of drama facing exactly . Hero and Naoe Kanetsugu in 2009 of " Heaven, Earth and Humankind " versa . ( For its time ) Tokugawa Hidetada is the husband of the main character of "Sengoku - Jiang - Hime us " , 2011, was more beautiful women relationship .
I said that it is an important factor actually devoted husband ...... any person to Mote was a concubine if ask things to power .

In order to expand the activities of attracting NHK Taiga Drama , it may be age to have to check the relationships with the opposite sex of the person interested in pushing .




上田城(Hiroaki Kanekoさん撮影、Flickrより)




「武田信玄に「山本勘兵衛」、上杉景勝に「直江兼続」、豊臣秀吉に「黒田官兵衛」有り! そして徳川家康に「本多忠勝」がいました。」(公式サイトより)









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