岡山 山田養蜂場が「ヒト試験で、生活習慣病を予防する効果あり」「痛風の発症が予防」と発表

Do you know " Merinjo derived from resveratrol ?" Yamadayohojo announced " in human studies , it has the effect of preventing lifestyle-related diseases " and

In gymnosperms dioecious belonging to the family Gunetsumu native of Indonesia , is Merinjo 's trees to be conical there is something in height to grow to nearly 22m .

The representation academic , scientific name : Gnetum gnemon Linn. Online Catalog Yumidzurunoki . Mon : seed plant . Fukumon : gymnosperms . Rope : Gnetinae. Eyes : Gnetales. Family : Gnetaceae. Genus : Gnetum. I will be (melinjo) Gnetum gnemon: seed .

December May to July , from October , that is harvest time of Merinjo fruit twice a year, in spring and autumn . Tree of Merinjo lush green , and dyed red and yellow , to orange fruit begins to ripen . It is also common as street trees , such as Java and Kalimantan Island . In Java , planted in the garden trees Merinjo When you build a home traditionally , it has been used as food .

Chips called Unpin made ​​from the seeds of Merinjo enough peanut slightly bigger , but food which is indispensable to the table of Indonesia . It has been found recently that the nutritious seeds of Merinjo , protein and carbohydrate -rich , and contains a lot of ( resveratrol ) polyphenols with antioxidant and antibacterial action .

Its contents and to say , the species Merinjo , polyphenols in the spotlight in red wine called resveratrol acids are rich . Dimer of resveratrol " Gunechin C" is often particularly . Dimer and this resveratrol , I referred to as a " Merinjo derived from resveratrol " the whole of polyphenols " Gunemonoshido A " and " D Gunemonoshido " the glycoside .

Article " to promote the health of high-calorie diet , resveratrol , to extend the life " and was published in the science journal " Nature " in 2006 . Since then , resveratrol , which is a type of polyphenol contained in red wine attention , is in the polyphenols of grapes , including wine factors ( things French that drink too much red wine is that it is healthy surprisingly ) French paradox it was decided that for that is generally known.

The " Merinjo derived from resveratrol " , it has a strong antioxidant power as well as resveratrol contained in grapes , including arteriosclerosis prevention action , and should be useful also in the prevention of adult diseases anti-cancer , and Alzheimer's disease it is , research had been conducted from the point of view of preventive medicine .

This time , famous Shirasawa Takuji " 101 ways without blurring up to 100 years ( Bungeishunju ) " and books in the famous Yamadayohojo NTV and " Sekaiichiuketaijugyou " Bees in products such as honey , headquartered in Okayama , Juntendo University graduate School of Medicine , Professor with the cooperation , conduct human tests of " Merinjo from resveratrol " , was the first time in the world to clear its effectiveness .

When referred to in the conclusion plainly , " to lower blood uric acid levels , Merinjo derived from resveratrol increase the good cholesterol (HDL) " is called for .

In human studies , if you drink only resveratrol to be included in such as " grape , and but . Not obtained results that uric acid level is lowered , and the dimer ( resveratrol , resveratrol , the Merinjo derived from resveratrol in the case where it is taking ) including glycoside Gunemonoshido a, Gunemonoshido D, and Gunechin such as C, and that " decreased 0.5 points or more in as little as 8 weeks .

As a result , by the " Merinjo derived from resveratrol intake " , which leads to the prevention of diabetes and renal failure onset of gout is preventable , high uric acid levels will bring , of lifestyle-related diseases such as atherosclerotic disease from among the healthy healthy subjects that .

Focusing early on utility as a health food Merinjo , Yamadayohojo Helps farmers in cooperation with Indonesia Merinjo Association . I've done a few years ago to provide information and Promotion of Merinjo . International cooperation beyond the sea extends over range as well as cultivation support , and environmental protection .

「メリンジョ由来レスベラトロール」って知ってますか? 山田養蜂場が「ヒト試験で、生活習慣病を予防する効果あり」と発表


 アカデミックな表現では、学名:Gnetum gnemon Linn。和名:ユミヅルノキ。門:種子植物。副門:裸子植物。綱:Gnetinae。目:Gnetales。科:Gnetaceae。属:Gnetum。種:Gnetum gnemon(melinjo)となる。










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