"Team of professional baseball,? Want to local" Okayama, Tokushima, Kagoshima, Kumamoto → The "me!"

14 から May 1, 2014, J Town net was conducted a survey on the theme of "? Want professional baseball team in the local".

In four and "have" and "do not need", "good to because there anymore" and "I want some more", choices have received a vote from 1439 people.

West The more you Ken! "Want"?

Some 11 throughout the country province where the home of the professional baseball team. Expressed in yellow and orange the province with the team in the map below, but were all majority is "good and because there already."

I was also provided the option of "I want some more, but" just in case, but did not seem luxurious place far indeed. By the way, this 11 prefectures of 1 votes also did not enter the "I want some more" is (say 84% because there already) only Hiroshima Prefecture. I to suggest the ever of the Hiroshima Carp to people.

Kumamoto to Fukuoka, Okayama rivalry each to Hiroshima?

In there was a number of votes 2 digits or more, had a higher "are" most 80% of the "Kumamoto". It's a strong image Hawks say Kyushu, it was not necessarily as long as they see the results of the questionnaire above. Rivalry of Fukuoka and Kumamoto is famous, but do want to be a quasi-home of the Hawks team to counter the Hawks or whether ... want.

Were high then 67% of the "Kagoshima". Kumamoto Much like student baseball flourishes Kagoshima,'s one of the province that produced a professional baseball player. Such locality or would have an impact.

There each independent professional baseball league in the four prefectures of Shikoku, the turnout of "have" is were high most 64% in the "Tokushima". It's hot topic in the topic that was just promoted to J1 of the "Tokushima Vortis" in the local, but it suggests that the interest in professional baseball is also high.

Then were high approval rating of 62% of "Okayama". As with Kumamoto, this place is said in the subtle relationship, Hanshin fans there is many rather Hiroshima adjacent.

Fortunately, some can accommodate 30,000 people "Kurashiki Sports Park baseball field" is (Muscat Stadium) in Kurashiki. Possibility of winning Senichi Hoshino contractor if Kuwaware to this, veteran team can do high! ?

Local governments aimed at professional baseball attract?

1 Tsudaga of municipalities that are listed in the policy pro baseball attract turnout of "have" in the 50%, "I do not need" accounted for 46 percent Niigata.

The voice of the professional baseball team attract is raised in Shizuoka, but approval rating of 39 percent further down. It is higher than 29% of the national average, but professional baseball fever do not even so much just soccer kingdom ... Shizuoka.

Move may very 16 team, if you realize ...

The person who answered "I do not need" in the province without a professional baseball team's were many, Saga, Shimane, Gifu. This is probably because you have a support team that is in the province next door.

're Chanting 16 teams of professional baseball it's Ninomiya innocent Mr. sports journalist, looking at the map of Japan first, Central League while being located in the Tokaido and Sanyo Shinkansen along Pacific League nationwide I have distributed.

While there are positive aspects of the rise in your local confrontation, once middle reliever that he moved as a man compensation of the FA to the Pacific League from the Central League in 2008 "I's fix the condition movement is a very ..." I was spilled with.

If you made ​​16 of the team is to be realized, need to review the framework of the two-league system of the current might come out.

Was Shimeki~tsu already vote, but if there like your opinion that "I want to implement the questionnaire in such a question," I want you to post a comment below.
























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