(The ... to independent research of summer vacation) you will Meguro astronomical facility of one Okayama Prefecture 4

If you'll let you increase the interest in the universe, 4 Museum astronomical facility in Okayama prefecture Kurashiki Science Center such as (Kurashiki Fukudachokoshinden) have jointly developed the campaign "Okayama starry sky facility tour". When you align 4 tickets of each library and planetarium, get the astrophotography such as shooting stars. Until October 13.
Future Hall Saipia of science and human (Okayama-cho, Kita-ku, Ito), Okayama and Astronomical Museum (Asakuchi Kamogata Honjo-cho), Bisei Observatory participation other facilities, (Ibara Bisei town Okura). Submit to put a ticket of 4 Museum minute (A4 判, three-fold) in the leaflet that is handed out at each library.
During the photo of gifts redeemable at any mansion. I pick one point from five types of Lovejoy comet and the Milky Way each library staff have taken (aqueous), and Aquarius meteor shower. Binoculars hits in 5 people in the lottery.
Kurashiki Science Center has said "I want to enjoy the planetarium and exhibition that ingenuity in each library for each."


後楽園と岡山城が明かりのコラボ 2イベント31日まで連携
Okayama Castle and Korakuen is cooperation until the 31st collaboration two events Akari

Okayama Korakuen Ken is managed by the (Okayama city north district) "fantasy garden", Okayama Castle city is managed by the (ward) "Karasu-jo light sources Township". It is held lights up event two adjacent work together. Until the 31st.

Korakuen garden Okayama lord was built in the early Edo period. Proud history of 400 years, Okayama Castle is also referred to as a "Karasu-jo". As "a synergistic effect hand-in-hand, such as advertising or surface events", this year, city and county established a "Okayama Korakuen and Okayama Castle, etc. Collaboration Council meeting." Was to be held for one month in collaboration this time, have been carried out in the first half of August "fantasy garden", is open to the Obon period the "Karasu-jo light sources Township". I have created brochures, also fan jointly.

And the light of more than 300, such as a cylindrical lantern of bamboo, "fantasy garden" to decorate the garden with 100 or more groups, such as LED lights. Beer garden in popularity, live stage have also been held.

On the other hand, and lanterns of about 400 pieces, light up the castle at around about 1500 candles "Karasu-jo light sources Township". In light of moon also near Bridge that connects between the Korakuen South Gate, traffic to both venue prompting.

Citizens that visited was talking "can be enjoyed at the same time the two events, I want to come again and again by the amount of the extension period," he said.

Inquiry Okayama Korakuen (electric) 086-272-1148. Okayama Castle office (electric) 086-225-2096.
後楽園と岡山城が明かりのコラボ 2イベント31日まで連携






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