星野監督 お疲れ様! ありがとう! /岡山 倉敷市出身  <プロ野球>楽天・星野監督退任

星野監督 お疲れ様! ありがとう! /岡山 倉敷市出身

Also expected to continue Rakuten Hoshino retired acquaintance et al. Been involved in baseball / now in health first / Okayama

Kurashiki born, (67) has announced the resignation at this season as long as the director Senichi Hoshino "Tosho" led last season, in Japan for the first team since the founding professional baseball and the Rakuten Eagles. While the health care uniformly, people that edge in the prefecture showed expectations as "supposed to me working for professional baseball and hometown also."

In one year junior alma mater Kurashiki commerce sales for Hoshino, about can not even golf. Hobby that really surprised (to retire), "The (66) Yamamoto Age school baseball original OB chairman that played together as a medium-sized hand The cared because I heard it 's, waist and "than was bad equivalent.

When I met with Hoshino in the camp that was last fall in Kurashiki Muscat Stadium, and that was multiplied by the words "even quit (the Director) someday, and me with confidence (optimism)'ll do camp in Kurashiki," he said. Yamamoto to thank "be retired as director, supposed to me doing for Okayama and Kurashiki hometown," he said.

Hoshino "audience or me more what if" and "want to liven up somehow the professional baseball," and was thinking of the entire baseball always. Yamamoto laughed "I think the cure. Body who knows more than others the runway of a man, and than me at Hitohadanui For professional baseball again."

I think it is a thing of thinking. Team that had heard when you retire in order from the person, to treat disease in late "in August. Now (73) Nobuhara Toshiro director of the (Kurashiki Central 1) Hoshino Senichi Memorial I spoke with the most important health, I want you to concentrate on treatment. to be "hope to come back also for baseball in the future.

For the second year in junior Hoshino, from "In the past, Hoshino-san was there pulling the team is great educator, as a man of character Seiji Yamada, who runs a noodle shop in Maniwa hometown (65) at the Meiji University baseball team the story was I think baseball is not kept alone still people., but a "want involved in baseball also, in any shape.

We are surprised, "very. And your success that led to Japan for the first time in nine years the team founded, through Kurashiki fall camp, excitement and vitality of many citizens, Ito Kaori mayor of Kurashiki City dream Hoshino announced a comment I will give, and "we are very grateful.

Also, since I thought. Next season that was giving me the impression of many residents and people in the Northeast also continue the director to "Hoshino, lonely very. Yi wood Ryuta governor your efforts to the development of baseball in the future issued a comment as, "We pray that it is.
<プロ野球>楽天・星野監督退任 知人ら今後も期待 また野球に携わって/今は健康第一で /岡山








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