RS virus epidemic signs in Okayama Prefecture

Cause the infants of bronchitis and pneumonia "RS virus infection" is, is showing signs of epidemic in Okayama Prefecture. The second most common patient occurs in the year of the past 10 years in October. Experts are calling for a thorough prevention such as hand washing and gargling.
RS virus has a strong infection force prevalent in winter, and expanded through sneezing Sekiya. Cold to it resembles, most but requires only a runny nose or mild symptoms such as cough, infants with a 1-year-old less than or heart disease, the elderly that care must be taken for easy to severe.
According to the county Health Promotion Section, this year began increasing in the country after entering in previous years with the same in September, and is especially noticeable in western Japan. October 6 to 12 in the prefecture, the prefecture designated 54 medical institutions in 1 patient number 1 - 0 personality per facility, in the year of the past 10 years were many subsequent to 2012 (person 1, 17). Peak through January every year from December.
RS virus is low awareness than such as influenza, "the case of infants, can not be neglected, such as falling into difficulty breathing," said Goto, Shin-ichiro Deputy Director of Okayama Red Cross Hospital of Pediatrics. Since the case of mild and not the virus inspection, that the actual number of patients is greater than the county data.
Point to distinguish the cold breath sounds of "wheezing". If symptoms than heavy cold fever and cough is prolonged such as that it is better to suspected infection. Goto deputy director "bring parents in the home, not a few cases to transfer to children. Thorough prevention, including the mask worn" talking with.

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Discussion on education Prefecture and Okayama resurrection theme

In response to rank downturn in the national achievement test that the Ministry of Education has been conducted every year, "the revival of" education Prefecture and Okayama, "" public symposium to think about the training of the high way and leadership of class teachers (Okayama Univ. Graduate School of Education Graduate School sponsored) is the 8th, was held at the university of Tsushimanaka Okayama city north district.
In this year's national achievement test, elementary school six years the previous year and the same position 38, junior high school three years 10th place down to # 42. The average percentage of correct answers below the national average in all subjects, academic development has become a major challenge.
In this situation, as the East Ichiro Professor keynote proposed Kurosaki of Okayama University teaching graduate school, and to foster a high "leadership talent, teaching graduate and local education committee of staff et al validates the challenges point to visit the class , take advantage of the next class? be repeated a commitment he said important it is. "
Then, to report the practice example of class development that teachers from five of the prefecture of elementary, middle and high school aims to improve academic achievement. "By leveraging the tablet terminal that can be recorded in the image such as science of the course of the experiment, effective review" that "incorporates a lively discussion of the children, and have enhanced the ability to think," he announced with such.
Prefecture of teachers from about 130 people attended. There was also talk of Italian wood Ryuta governor complained of a enthusiasm for education reform.

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