高橋大輔さん 引退後「腰のくびれなくなった」今後は米留学予定

高橋大輔さん 引退後「腰のくびれなくなった」今後は米留学予定
"It became not constricted the hip" in the future to the US study abroad plans Daisuke Takahashi's retirement after

Figure Skating Takahashi Daisuke announced his retirement last October (28) is the 19th, Tokyo book that look back its own half a lifetime with photos to publish commemorative events of the "day-to-day spending 2000days is propel me" (Shodensha) I open at the bookstore.

2010 from the previous Vancouver Olympics and memories of competition life was centered on until Sochi Olympics, stark in the confession, etc. I think of when history and its leading up to retirement. Afterword to it has left a description of the effect that "be some people who think Haradatashiku", but even though it is known to have me "cheer, feeling of when you did not obediently is received in their own weakness also because I wrote is not hidden in the real intention, such as .... even, feeling then you sometimes became easier in retirement, it was explained that I was "write honestly than you had thought.

After retirement is the case other practice of ice show is like going on a trip with friends, "Become a 28-year-old and has a campus life. Since the student was skating pickled, It is extra fun" smile and. Because the amount of practice has been drastically reduced, "waist constriction is no longer., Before I did not have it and do not eat three meals firmly, the night is now only to have salad and soup" is also that you have the the "diet" revealed.

In the future, so are planning to US study abroad, such as for language learning is not decided "to be where to go as well, you can now research. In stomach until much I think another good Ya with, I want to become a fluent (English). optimistic that the "at that time when you did not possible. Next year to greet the milestone of 30 years old, was to be "to man is said to be from the 30-year-old, want to say and decided to slowly future goals in 1-2 years."

For love, and bitter smile that "from becoming a little to shunt the adult." Although for some time "people red lipstick look good with bangs Pattsun the type" are profess, and "It is like the unique person. Addicted now Mr. Shishido Kafka is in Donpisha. Back is high but" categorically. If the name of Naomi Watanabe of comedians as the same type from reporters (27) comes out had dodged the "I love as a character."
高橋大輔さん 引退後「腰のくびれなくなった」今後は米留学予定

昨年10月に現役引退を発表したフィギュアスケートの高橋大輔さん(28)が19日、自身の半生を写真とともに振り返る著書「2000days 過ごした日々が僕を進ませる」(祥伝社)の刊行記念イベントを都内の書店で開いた。








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