SL「デゴイチ」 津山駅に到着 岡山

SL「デゴイチ」 津山駅に到着 岡山
SL "DEGOICHI" arrives at Tsuyama station Okayama.

The steam train kept newly (SL) "D51" arrived at dawn on the 9th and the said station according to the renewal of the national modernization industrial legacy in the JR Tsuyama station (Otani, Tsuyama-shi) premises "old Tsuyama broad-arrow engine depot", and carrying in work was performed.
Relocation exhibits the steam train which enjoys by a nickname of "DEGOICHI" (SL) from the Modern Transportation Museum which closed in April of last year (Minato-ku, Osaka-shi), 5 meters of the full length 19*, 98 meters of height 3*, 93 meters of width 2* and 7 tons of weight 86*. I pass Shikoku by ferry from the said museum and leave Uno harbor in Tamano-shi at 0:00am on this day. The "body" with "center frame", a boiler and a driving stand which supports "tender" and the body which call and load coal and water for about 4 hours with 3 large trailers was carried into station yard. After that about 20 professional carriers took it down from a carrier of a trailer carefully in a service line by 2 cranes.
The said constructed depot takes pride in the scale of the 2nd of whole country following Umekoji (Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto-shi) at a fan type engine depot which exists in 1936, and there are only 1 9 cars a produced diesel locomotive "DE501" in country. 3 cars including D51 are moved from the said museum, and track expansion is planning repair in an engine depot in JR West Okayama branch office. As it is constructed, I suspend public opening and aim at resumption in April, 16 in fiscal year 2015.
Adachi hisashien Tsuyama stationmaster, "The material which is valuable when SL has them know the pace of the railroad. I'd like to preserve it and make the fan type engine depot the facilities where you can be loved by everyone in an area and have them enjoy itself further importantly.", I'm speaking.
SL「デゴイチ」 津山駅に到着 岡山

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