岡山への震災移住ニーズ依然高く 東日本大震災後の岡山県内への避難・移住支援 /東日本大震災と原発事故発生から4年 風化を懸念

岡山への震災移住ニーズ依然高く 東日本大震災後の岡山県内への避難・移住支援
東日本大震災と原発事故発生から4年 風化を懸念
Refuge in Okayama-ken where earthquake disaster move needs are still after an eastern Japan great earthquake highly and move support to Okayama

On the 10th, the one-stop consultation organization 10 groups which participate in refuge in Okayama-ken after an eastern Japan great earthquake and move support made start in June of last year
"popular insertion network relieved Okayama" held an activity report meeting in Okayama-shi. Among 70 people who brought consultation near by the end of February and a move applicant accounted for 64%, and move needs still made them ask a high thing, but also I also had a lot of contents to which the person who has moved already complains of anxiety to the future and also hit upon a problem for settlement.
Ms. Ikuyo Hattori of Okayama secretariat (43) spreads and explains about the consultation 291 cases were here relievedly. Kanto area accounted for half mostly with 49% Tokyo, Kanagawa and Chiba-ken for residence of person who wants to have counselling and a home town, and Fukushima-ken was 32%.
Dwelling, a work search, child's nurture and economical support are various for the consultation contents. A life is poor, and you can't match an area, and I say it was isolated, and that there was also a serious case by which a mind and body loses its balance.
A result of the questionnaire Mr. Kiyotaka Ogata, the Okayama University of Science part-time lecturer (70) did in November of last year targeted for 90 households which took refuge in a prefecture will be reported. It was mentioned that the living degree of satisfaction could judge the tendency in which anxiety to a life will be so strong in the future that a refuge life fell and was longer than an investigation, from a mother and child and a refuge of father and child the previous year, and pointed out "A living problem diversified. Child care and the thing which is working for takuji and is supporting housing finely by the area were needed."
39 people participate in a report meeting from a composition group. Each group mentioned on the theme of securement of activity funds. Mr. Hattori, "Even if it has passed from an earthquake disaster for 4 years, the needs of support are high. I'd like to make mechanism of the support which can be a model of other prefectures in Okayama with the most refuges at western Japan.", I was speaking.
岡山への震災移住ニーズ依然高く 東日本大震災後の岡山県内への避難・移住支援

東日本大震災と原発事故発生から4年 風化を懸念






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