震災4年 岡山県内1120人避難 / 田舎暮らしは? 先輩移住者と交流

震災4年 岡山県内1120人避難
Earthquake disaster 4 year 1120 person refuge in Okayama-ken

The latest total of the rehabilitation agency (current as of February 12) showed that a refuge in Okayama-ken with an eastern Japan great earthquake also reaches 1120 people via about 4 years from occurrence. 74 people increased in this 1 year, it's minute from August of last year which was a peak (1137 people), decrease. The person who returns to the original residence where rehabilitation is developed is judged as increasing purpose according to a prefecture.
A city will report the refuge who had registration at the desk to rehabilitation agency every month through a prefecture. The refuge total number of the whole country decreases peaking in June, 2012, but little of the accident and the mild climate are estimated, and Okayama becomes most at a prefecture west of the Kinki area from October, 13.
The details of the former address of the refuge are injured according to a prefecture, 3 prefecture (Iwate, Miyagi and Fukushima), to 392 people (35%), others, 728 people (65%). The most part is from Kanto area and independent refuges are pressing a number up.
A refuge place, in 18 municipalities of prefecture and, 635 people in Okayama-shi are most. Kurashiki-shi, Takahashi-shi follows 104 people of 157 people and Soja-shi with 31 people of 41 people and Kasaoka-shi. I say that it's chosen from autonomous body support to a move as well as a living convenience of traffic.
A prefecture predicts "They may turn to sideways crawl or decrease." about a change in future's refuge. We assume that the case by which a refuges of mother and child have financial difficulties and return economically by prolongation of a double life as well as the increase of return with rehabilitation aren't also little.
A prefecture is planning also to continue inquiry counter in the crisis general engineering and facilities division in fiscal year 15. We assume "Cooperation is strengthened with a city and a private support group, and would like to take aid package according to the needs." for the same department.
震災4年 岡山県内1120人避難

田舎暮らしは? 先輩移住者と交流

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