スマホ制限し勉強時間の確保を (中1 スマホの所持率は5割)

スマホ制限し勉強時間の確保を (中1 スマホの所持率は5割)

(Possession index of the medium 1 Sumaho 5 percent) to secure the study time was limited smartphone

The 5th, open it in Okayama city the first meeting of 2014, and opinion to seek measures to study time and securing smartphones use of children came out youth problem Council of Okayama Prefecture.
19 people out of 22 people from committee experts and educators in the prefecture attended. Learning survey of 2002 that went to target junior high school freshman, possession rate of the smartphone more than 5 percent, county board of education is, accounted for 60% of one hour or more time to the game during the week, such as television or smartphone I reported and it was.
It said, "learning time is gradually cut time to use the smartphone is going to increase," said committee of university professors Suggest correspondence measures against surface prefecture. Members of the county Youth Council officers, complained "place to connect the school and people. Areas (for improvement) awareness is born to be involved with people in the region want more," said about the life habits of children.
Ken policy to be reflected in the budget of 2003 the opinion of this day.
スマホ制限し勉強時間の確保を (中1 スマホの所持率は5割)













ネット依存を防げ! ソーシャルゲーム・SNSに潜む危険【親子で学ぶ「スマホのオキテ」】

Net dependency of children, there is a tendency social media-dependent and social games often. The game is male, there is a tendency that the girls tend to fit social media. Let's look at the address of each method.

Games that stimulate the need for approval
Due to the time taken until the launch of the next game, social game, has become the mechanism while the players do not use them also anxious.

And sports and learning is not necessarily achievements and leave only for what I did, but for social games become stronger depending on the available time, there is a tendency that the children do not meet the need for approval by others are easy to fit.

That the ranking is determined in playing games by using the human relations also many, need for approval are met by or compete in buddies, it is to rely on fellow if you fight more than one person, I mean fit.

"I do not want to hate your friends"
In the case of social media, it is difficult precisely because there are other party. Has become a problem among children recently, it's LINE dependent. Because it is displayed as "read" on the push notification comes talk When you come, when you view the talk, children feel the pressure to have to reply as soon as there are many LINE.

Friends relationship's more important than anything teens. It is not a reply to the attached read "read-through" is a act of unpopular among children. To afraid to be disliked by friends, to confirm whether or not the hated, and I will continue to use.

Friendship true Tell the children that you do not break in much reply was delayed. You can not discuss about the use of the night between friends, and let's decide and cues when it is not possible to answer also would be nice.

SNS social games also, there is a tendency that the child not feel passionate about anything else is fit. What we would like the future becomes clear, time to devote to the net naturally also reduced. The me think the most important thing for children, and trying looking back for net usage of their own.

Example of a game that uses the friends relationship. Some children can not refuse to be invited to a friend









Smartphone that you use every day, the evil hands creeping out that I do not know ...

"I feel that those black flies in front of the recent eye to," "eyes I wonder really tired"

How many people have the feel such symptoms recently? TV, and tablet personal computers and a man named "Not a day you do not see the display," Why is not there in a lot of surprisingly now the smartphone? I might have got sick before the such you do not even know! I will introduce the VDT syndrome hear something recently this time.


■ What is VDT syndrome!?

According to the HP of Santen Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.,

By working for a long time using: (visual display terminal VDT), disease could impact the mind and body and eye display such as a personal computer and VDT syndrome

Thing with. And overuse of smartphone, I might have got sick while you do not know too much in look of the computer screen! Symptoms include concrete,

・ Tired eyes

・ Eye aches

And drying of the eye

・ Eyes hazy

Such as, in addition to symptoms appear in the eyes, Toka's there is also a possibility that in a state of depressive and stiff neck. I'm a little scary.


■ are you become such a sick Why?

Because it is issued and feeble always blue light and radio waves, and continues to look for a long time, the screen of the smartphone is becoming a big burden for the eyes. Also, such as when you're doing Sumahogemu, it would stare at the screen also a lot of? Thus, the number of blinking is reduced, eyes I dries.

Besides, the VTD work, the area the eyeball contact with air in order that the line of sight is upward often becomes wider, and such is easy to dry as well as cause as compared to working with on the desk and reading is. It can be said there are many causes, but when put together in a word, "excessive use of the personal computer or smartphone" to be the cause.


■ It's prevented what if?

First, of course, reducing the time involved in VDT work. People "also is said like that, ... Because it is work" and, there is a protection on the other! There are many that you or "try using glasses of Blue Light Cut", and or "try to adjust the brightness of the screen" is doing these days, etc. The "try increasing the number of blinks aware", can be devised!

If you want to learn more, or "one measures 3 that can be immediately affected and now that [scary surprisingly] Blue light has on the human body", it seems that it dandruff also six years old or more "tired eyes! Recommend goods carefully to smartphone tired of women try also check the "four!


Or would have been how? Turn off the smartphone, close the computer, people who have symptoms, even a little, why not look out a little? Would not there also a new discovery surely than when you are looking at the screen only. The smartphone that can not be cut with our lives now. I want to go dating comfortably at a moderate sense of distance!


最近そんな症状を感じる人はいませんか? スマホにテレビ、パソコンやタブレットなど、いまや「ディスプレイを見ない日はない」という人、意外と多いのではないのでしょうか? そんなあなたも知らないうちに病気になってしまっているかも! 今回は最近何かと耳にするVDT症候群についてご紹介します。




とのこと。スマホの使いすぎや、パソコンの画面の見過ぎで知らないうちに病気になってしまっているかも! 具体的な症状としては、







スマホの画面は、常に微弱な電波やブルーライトなどを発しているため、長時間見続けていると、目にとって大きな負担となるのです。また、スマホゲームをやっているときなど、画面をじっと見つめてしまうことも多いのでは? それにより、瞬きの回数が減り、目が乾燥してしまうのです。

他にも、読書や机の上での作業と比較してVTD作業は、視線が上向きになることが多いために眼球が空気と触れる面積が広くなり、乾燥しやすくなるといったことも原因のようです。 原因はいろいろありますが、一言でまとめると、「スマホやパソコンの使いすぎ」が原因といえるでしょう。


まず、言うまでもなく、VDT作業に関わる時間を減らすこと。「そんな風に言われても、仕事だから……」という人、他にも対策はあります! 最近はやっている「ブルーライトカットのメガネを使ってみる」とか、「画面の明るさを調整してみる」とか、「意識して瞬きの回数を増やしてみる」など、工夫できることはたくさんあります!


いかがだったでしょうか? ちょっとでも自覚症状がある人は、スマホを切って、パソコンを閉じて、ちょっと外を見てみませんか? 画面だけを見ている時よりきっと新しい発見もあるのではないでしょうか。今や私達の生活と切っては切れないスマホ。適度な距離感で心地よく付き合って行きたいですね!

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