Concrete plan in tram Okayama Station served

Okayama looking to fly to the JR Okayama Station East Exit Square tram is the 20th, as concrete plan of 4 proposal that was presented last year, showed a different total of 12 patterns, such as the trajectory of laying routes and estimated project cost. Until the end of March to I aim to narrow down the adoption pattern.
4 draft, to extend the line from a stop current Okayama power "plane fly" ▽ is Elevated from the front of the electricity stops, to connect with the east-west communication passage of the second floor station "elevated fly" ▽ diving from the front of the power stop and established a new Dentoma to adjacent land of underground shopping center "underground fly" ▽ not fly the tram in the square, connecting the east and west stop contact passage and the same power "pedestrian deck installation".
"Plane" in three patterns, both of which established the Dentoma in the square. 1 pattern drive over the square center. 2 pattern that remains is provided a Dentoma to square south, the taxi stand I will Elevated.
"Elevated" is also presented the three patterns. Considering the effect of elevated strut has on underground mall, and with a change in the connection position between the east and west communication passage.
"Underground" showed two patterns such as connecting to existing underground passage just below the front of the station stop power.
"Deck" is most of the four patterns. Three of patterns in linear deck, connecting the stop Okayama Station and Station power. Remain one pattern Meguraseru a circular deck.
Estimated project cost is 900 million ¥ 80 million most small amount in a pattern Train to square center in the "plane". The most expensive is 4.6 billion 10 million yen per pattern of "elevated". Transfer distance between the JR is "elevated" is the shortest, the "underground", "deck" is difficult to shorten the distance.
Concrete plan was revealed in the second meeting of the research study committee that opened in the same city (Chair Abe Hiroshi Okayama Vice President). Attended bus and taxi operators, residents representatives is said, such as "I want to to the appropriate plan in the face of major cities," "future, I want to consider the possibility of extending the tram to the city hall muscle" was.
The city is to narrow down the pattern with reference to the discussion of this day, scheduled to be shown at the next meeting, which was to prospect the end of March. Filters are also likely to be multiple patterns.

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