岡山市内にカレー専門店続々登場 イオン岡山内 「おばあちゃんの台所」=「イオンモール岡山」

岡山市内にカレー専門店続々登場 イオン岡山内 「おばあちゃんの台所」=「イオンモール岡山」

イオン岡山内 イオンモール岡山(岡山市北区下石井)内の農産物・加工品販売店「おばあちゃんの台所」では、県内産レトルトカレーなどを集めた「岡山ご当地カレーフェア」を開催中だ。
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イオンモール岡山 地図

Curry shop appeared one after another ion in Okayama in Okayama city, "Grandma's Kitchen" = "Aeon Mall Okayama"

Home and school, campgrounds and are eaten in a variety of situations, now "Comfort food" and with the curry and rice. Recently, Okayama city, appeared one after another curry shop where you can enjoy your local curry and special Lou, I call the topic. 22nd "curry rice of the day?".

Appeared in October last year, "Go Go Curry Okayama Nakasendo Stadium Store" (Doshikita District Nakasendo, 086 238 0455) is, specializes in Ishikawa Prefecture Gotochi curry to deploy more than 70 stores "Kanazawa curry" at home and abroad .
Meat and vegetables, and stew over spices such as the 5 hours, concentrated dry in Lou black that was aged for 55 hours. On top of the rice shredded cabbage also placed, to eat with a fork instead of a spoon.
Popular number one was wearing a robe of crispy "loin cutlet curry" (780 yen). Rice is 350 grams, this alone but tummy full, chicken cutlet and wiener, "Major curry" hearty carrying the like fried shrimp (Thousands of yen) There is also perfect for Gattsuri faction. Shiinomoto TakashiOsamu store manager "taste become habit. Definitely give it a try."
JR Okayama of Hotel Granvia Okayama annex first floor "Today curry" (same station Motomachi, 086 223 6780) is, just opened on the 15th. Pac-Man Foods maker of gelato shops and takoyaki shop in the city inside and outside (the city Minami-ku market) operated.
And "as businessmen can eat quickly without time" (Ishikawa uppercase store manager), squeezed the menu to "beef" and "chicken" (each 850 yen), beef was spice in broth of beef meat in Te darker, chicken I was finished in mild tomato and butter. Turmeric rice you have Takikon with butter to use (300 g). With coleslaw, I choose eggs with potato salad Yuni, three from seven of toppings such as Fukujin pickled for free.
Cattle, chicken, pork were placed the 30 kinds of spices in 72 hours stewed broth, Lou Features that were aged for 24 hours "Thirty curry Okayama head office" (the city, Kita-ku, Tatsumi, 086 241 9230). Last year opened in May, early in October and was opened in Tokyo.
Jewel was bearing the shop name "Thirty curry" (972 yen). "Richness of soft mouth feel there is a Lou" (Hirata Yumi store manager), the eggplant and cabbage, vegetables, such as mushroom, a perfect and minced meat of cattle and pigs, that popular menu to women. Rice can choose 200 grams or 250 grams.
1982 of this day, and named after that curry lunch is issued simultaneously in elementary and junior high schools nationwide "curry rice of the day." Have you, like what curry? Prefecture production retort Fair
   In ion Okayama in ion Mall Okayama (Okayama, Kita-ku, Shimoishii) agricultural products and processed products in the dealer "Grandma's kitchen", it's being held a collection of such prefecture production retort curry "Okayama Gotochi curry Fair".
The special "and New Year mood settles, should the normal diet, such as curry will want" and the corner in the 15th this month. You are selling a total of five types of "Setouchi Habugurin curry sauce" (756 yen) of bottled using such as retort pouch four and Setouchi City production of herbs and vegetables using the ingredients in the prefecture production such as Sen'ya cattle and white peach .
Most popular retort was to food the Sen'ya cow "Okayama beef curry" (600 yen). Sen'ya cattle luxury retort that grilled over charcoal, "Abu Sen'ya cattle charcoal (flies) Riushi curry" (1200 yen) I also attract attention. In addition, was based on the white peach and Pione "white peach Pione curry" (¥ 650), have been used peach puree "Momotaro curry" (540 yen) is also there.
Fair in the meantime, with continued plans, Fukui Yumi store manager "Even over the rice, even if put in the pan, you can enjoy it even if you soup instead. We will continue to increase the assortment, want to PR the charm of Okayama Gotochi curry" to. Inquiry this shop (086 237 1200).
岡山市内にカレー専門店続々登場 イオン岡山内 「おばあちゃんの台所」=「イオンモール岡山」

 昨年10月に登場した「ゴーゴーカレー岡山中仙道スタジアム店」(同市北区中仙道、086 238 0455)は、国内外で70店舗余りを展開する石川県のご当地カレー“金沢カレー”の専門店。
 JR岡山駅前のホテルグランヴィア岡山別館1階「今日はカレー」(同駅元町、086 223 6780)は、15日にオープンしたばかり。同市内外でジェラート店やたこ焼き店を手掛けるパックマンフーズ(同市南区市場)が運営する。
 牛、鶏、豚肉を72時間煮込んだブイヨンに30種類のスパイスを入れ、24時間寝かせたというルーが特長の「サーティカレー岡山本店」(同市北区辰巳、086 241 9230)。昨年5月に開店し、早くも10月には東京に出店した。
イオン岡山内 イオンモール岡山(岡山市北区下石井)内の農産物・加工品販売店「おばあちゃんの台所」では、県内産レトルトカレーなどを集めた「岡山ご当地カレーフェア」を開催中だ。

 フェアは当面の間、続ける予定で、福井由美店長は「ご飯に掛けても、パンにつけても、スープ代わりにしても楽しめる。今後も品ぞろえを増やし、岡山のご当地カレーの魅力をPRしたい」とする。問い合わせは同店(086 237 1200)。
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"岡山市内にカレー専門店続々登場 イオン岡山内 「おばあちゃんの台所」=「イオンモール岡山」"へのコメント







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